Test Development

PPI-Time Zero engineers work closely with our customers to understand their requirements and then develop a test strategy in parallel with the product design process.  Our dedicated engineering and technical staff develops EMS test strategies that are both cost-effective while ensuring all requirements are met and the highest quality products delivered. Our test development program management implements a strategic testing approach beginning with the planning phase, document review, fixture design, software development, test program, material procurement, fixture related components, fixture assembly, program validation, test validation, and acceptance.  After the full test package is delivered to our customer, our team will ensure that your strategy provides the most benefit based on product volume, test coverage and testing time.

Our engineering team at PPI-Time Zero provides some of the most advanced and comprehensive test system development services in the industry, whether it be for high speed digital, RF or advanced optical components. Whether creating a manual, semi-automated or fully automated functional tester, we will provide you with the optimal solution.