SMT / Through Hole Technology

Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

With multiple surface mount lines, featuring leading edge pick and place technology, PPI-Time Zero has the flexibility and capacity to build a variety of assemblies. Because of our capability and experience in processing lead, lead-free (RoHS compliant), and exotic metallurgical solders, we offer our customers the highest standards of quality and reliability. We implement the best practices of manufacturing in all of our operations, including surface mount assembly. With investments in equipment such as additional feeders for offline setup, we are consistently improving our process yields and reducing downtime by significantly improving line changeovers and setup.

  • Capable of placing 0201 SM devices, 2ml x 1ml
  • Fine pitch gull-wing legged devices down to .012″ (typical production runs)
  • Ultra-Fine Pitch Device placement
  • Micro-BGA assembly
  • AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) of SMT assemblies
  • Laser vision, solder-paste height measurement system for screen printing
  • X-ray inspection
  • PCB sizes from 2”x 2” through 18”x24” (typical production runs)

Through Hole (TH) Technology

PPI-Time Zero is ready to meet your EMS needs with a wide range of capabilities, including through hole (TH) technology. We offer fully equipped services for handling all types of through hole components. Our production has an automated assembly line for through hole components, and the Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBAs) are placed on a dual band conveyor system. We have a fully automatic wave soldering process for all THM components, mechanics (heat sinks, etc.) through an automated barcode based palette system, where all board specific soldering profiles are retrieved and logged.

  • Automated insertion equipment for DIP, axial and radial components
  • Automated component forming and trimming
  • Wave soldering
  • Design of wave soldering selective pallets
  • Solder process max PCB size is typically 21”x21”