Repair, Logistics and End-of-Life Support

PPI-Time Zero integrates repair services, logistics and end-of life (EOL) support to provide our customers with complete solutions for the lifecycle of their products.  Our services encompass assembly, configuration, distribution, after-market services and EOL management of products, at a lower cost and with fully integrated configuration management.  With lean practices, strong materials management, established quality systems, and advanced engineering services, we deliver value and an integrated global solution.

Our experienced design and manufacturing engineers perform product evaluation, inspection, functional testing, and repairs.  PPI-Time Zero understands the importance of effective reverse logistics operations and warranty management as a vital component of an end-to-end supply chain service offering.  Full product lifecycle support involves reconditioning and remanufacturing products extending the useful life of the product by replacing worn parts and upgrading to latest revision levels.  All of our remanufactured or reconditioned products are fully tested to ensure performance and quality.

PPI-Time Zero also provides sustaining engineering and EOL management solutions, ensuring inventory and product integrity.  Our team will help you to establish your post-production life cycle planning, define service parts support requirements, maintain proper supplier support  and sustainability planning.  Furthermore, our premier reverse engineering services provide a critical product solution when product documentation is not available or when certain components go end of life.  We also provide design and component engineering services for your more mature products, so that you can focus on next generation products and emerging technologies.  PPI-Time Zero is the contract manufacturer that will partner with you throughout the life of your product, giving you the reliability and strong market share that you desire.