3D Printing / Rapid Prototype / Quick Turn

Our team at PPI-Time Zero knows that prototyping is a necessary and critical phase of the design/release process. PPI has invested in equipment and staff enabling a robust advanced product development offering. For example, PPI can deliver one or more functioning prototypes for any design that we solution for a customer.  This critical prototyping phase will validate functionality and performance. PPI’s skilled EMS team also manages the turnkey solution; including component procurement, assembly, integration and test. The PPI team will embark on the manufacturing process once the initial prototype is working to the customer’s satisfaction.  As an EMS provider, we provide cost effective prototypes and assemblies that comply with your engineering specifications.

PPI also specializes in design for manufacturability (DFM) and design for test (DFT) delivering best-in-class cutting-edge solutions. The PPI-Time Zero team will streamline your product manufacturing cycle utilizing proven cost effective processes and equipment. This process phase allows our engineers to check for improvement opportunities while intercepting any complications that may arise prior to transferring the product into full-scale production. Our services encompass PCB design, rapid prototype of PCBA’s, wire harnesses and cable assemblies, precision machining (turning and milling) and other solutions which serve the Aerospace, Defense, Space, Medical and Industrial markets. 

With the power of PPI-Time Zero’s Additive Manufacturing, you can now transform 3D CAD renderings into functional precision plastic and elastomeric components on a quick turn schedule. PPI can deliver high resolution models, prototypes and injection molded quality parts on-demand, thereby pushing the limits of innovation while reducing costs, streamlining operations and accelerating time to market. Our 3D printing services offer a high level of accuracy, multiple form factors, surface finish, strength and part quality supporting complex manufacturing requirements. Whether you need a single part, multiple parts or complete assemblies, we have the 3D printing capabilities to dramatically reduce your lead time. Our team of engineers can also create custom tools and test fixtures in-house, reducing the time needed for projects that previously required outsourcing. Explore PPI-Time Zero’s 3D solutions that are bringing cutting-edge solutions to the marketplace.