Kitting Services

Our professional kitting services at PPI-Time Zero are strategic for the many functions performed, especially the pre-screening and verification of the electronic components.  As an EMS provider, kitting services go far beyond the simple act of finding and buying. The function of properly and efficiently bringing all material requirements together is essential for the assembly process to perform with the highest efficiency. Our professional kitting services address the following:   Bill of Material (BOM) descriptions and the material call-outs are reviewed for any discrepancies, authorized sources for materials are identified regarding the best source for availability and pricing requirements, availability of materials is evaluated, a costed BOM is presented to the purchaser for approval, purchasing is then expedited and tracked for on-time delivery, incoming materials are counted, inspected and verified, industry standards for ESD prevention are then utilized to ensure the condition of all components, and materials are identified, organized and packaged to present to the assembly for efficient production. Using our professional kitting service ensures the efficient assembly process and timely delivery of your projects.