ESS-Vibration Conditioning Product Support

PPI/Time Zero provides ESS and Vibration Services to our Military Aerospace customers. As a result, our customers now receive installation-ready complete integrated systems. This allows the customer  to utilize their ESS and Vibration equipment on their final systems test as well as overhaul and repair . A cost effective solution to what has been a capacity limiting function in many of these companies. After ESS, the remaining product population has a higher reliability than a similar unscreened population due to the resultant elimination of infant mortality defects. Our ESS and Vibration Services at PPI improve quality and reliability by cultivating design innovations, while helping to guarantee the removal of latent and intermittent defects. Therefore our customers maintain competitiveness in world markets, with a reliable product line.

Temperature Humidity Environmental Chamber

  • BlueM ETCU09RCW10.0-G
  • VersaTenn V – Synergy Controller
  • Temperature Range -73°C to +200°C
  • Humidity Range 20% to 95%RH(+/- 2%)
  • Interior Dimensions 24″W x 25″D x 26″H

Temperature Environmental Chamber

  • Thermotron SE-600-6-6
  • 7800 Programmer/Controller
  • Temperature Range -70°C to +180°C
  • Humidity N/A
  • Interior Dimensions 40”W x 26”D x 33”H

Vibration System

  • Ling Dynamic Systems V810-220/SPAK-20 System
  • 4,000 lbf Sine
  • 3,000 lbf random
  • 1″ stroke
  • 24″ x 24″ slip table
  • Dactron Comet Vibration Control System
  • Dytran Accelerometers