DFM (Design for Manufacturing)

PPI-Time Zero offers services to assist in Design for Manufacturability (DFM) to meet target cost goals, achieve repeatability of processes, provide a robust design, and manufacture a consistent and high quality product. To achieve these goals, our manufacturing engineers can assist your design team to ensure proper assembly process, optimization of parts orientation and handling to minimize non-value added labor, enhanced mechanical layout to increase manufacturing efficiencies, and assuring the product is easily serviceable and repairable.

DFT (Design for Test)

We offer several services to assist customers in every aspect of testing from Design for Test (DFT) Strategy to implementation of In-Circuit Tests, Functional Tests, and Environmental Stress Screening (ESS).
The Test Strategy would be developed in conjunction with the OEM with the goals of providing defect-free products and achieving cost targets. Design for Testability includes assistance in PCB layout to obtain the maximum coverage possible for the printed circuit board assembly. PPI-Time Zero provides both the software and fixtures for ICT which can be adjusted if changes to the assembly occur throughout the life of the product.

DFX (Design for X)

DFX (Design for X) defines and implements the parameters of an optimal and mature product in the aspects of reliability, manufacturing, assembly, service, transportation, usability, and environment. At PPI-Time Zero, the DFX application helps the customer work towards a clear goal, reduce costs, increase profitability and create added value. By linking the design processes and products’ desired outputs, we provide a clear roadmap for DFX implementation. As a result, our value-add engineering DFX support ensures that our customer’s products enter the marketplace with reduced product life cycle costs and increased quality and reliability.