Design Layout

PPI-Time Zero provides professional custom printed circuit board (PCB) layouts for a variety of industries and applications. We offer electronic hardware design and reverse engineering services, ensuring a seamless process from conception to fabrication. PPI supports a wide range of semiconductor requirements, while providing timely execution of each project, accelerating time-to-market and reducing overall manufacturing costs.

At PPI-Time Zero, we specialize in multiple micro-controller/embedded systems, with extensive experience in Design for Testing (DFT) and Design for Manufacturing (DFM) techniques. Our IPC CID+ Certified engineers use highly sophisticated software to create layouts according to customer requirements, while adhering to the highest industry standards. To deliver your high performance electronic equipment,

we perform layout analysis, running full simulations and confirming signal integrity. Our skilled team has the ability to design new PCB layouts, or re-design existing ones, to effectively solve each customer’s needs. We offer full hand routing and guided auto-routing PCB design options; wave, aqueous, and no clean soldering; functional and ionic testing; automated conformal coating and documentation scrubbing.

  • HAST Board
  • Full Body Gold Plated
  • Multilayer Polyimide Board
  • 150-degree C Operating Temperature
  • Blue Anodized Stiffeners

We design custom electromechanical and test fixtures and provide complete mechanical drawings using AutoCAD and Solidworks 3D CAD software. We design a wide range of socket configurations including: QFN, QFP, SOP, SOT,BGA, uBGA, PGA, PLCC and other specialty sockets. PPI-Time Zero provides check plots and all necessary documentation that provide up-to-the-minute reporting. We easily share data securely around the world, transfer designs between engineering and manufacturing and share programming files.

  • HTOL Board
  • Surface Mount Technology
  • Multilayer Polyimide and Getek
  • 150-degree C Operating Temperature
  • Blue Anodized Stiffeners

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