BGA Installation / X- Ray

At PPI-Time Zero, we offer Ball Grid Array (BGA) Installation, which is a type of surface mount technology (SMT) that is used for packaging integrated circuits. BGA is made up of an array of solder balls used as the connection points beneath a typically plastic molded enclosure for single chip or multi-chip die. BGA components are standardized, high-density packages that permit high I/O counts, optimized placement of signal pins, efficient use of circuit board real-estate, as well as unique shapes and sizes. Well-known advantages of this technology are the remarkably high I/O density, heat dissipation, and low-inductance leads, which provide far superior electrical performance to leaded devices.

PPI-Time Zero also utilizes the Glenbrook Technologies high performance, real-time X-Ray Technology System as an effective, advanced inspection tool. It is the only system not subject to voltage blooming. It can confirm the integrity of BGA solder joints and other leadless packages that cannot be inspected by conventional vision systems. Our system is designed for inspection of multi-layer Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBAs) with dense metal BGAs, and it meets lead-free inspection requirements.